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A communion of people rejoicing in love and peace; blessed spiritually and physically, hoping to inherit eternal life through Jesus Christ.


To make people know Jesus Christ and have life in it fullness by bringing to them the Good News through words and deeds based on the Word of God as it is in the Bible and the Lutheran teachings guided by the ELCT Constitution.


The Church focuses on propagating the "holistic" Gospel serving man through spiritual, social, economic and environmental programmes /interventions in order to have a God loving community hence fulfilling God's mission in Tanzania. In serving human beings in a holistic way, The Church carries out mission work within and outside the country using all types of means and media.

It has a coordination office responsible for financial reports on church activities. It produces literature for Christian nurturing. The central office has a function of Capacity building, Advocacy and Facilitation (CAF) of the dioceses. The Church has common work institutions including: The Tumaini University Makumira that has 6 constituent colleges; Morogoro Lutheran Junior Seminary (LJS); Three schools for deaf children.

It has 23 Hospitals and more than 140 health centres and dispensaries spread across Tanzania. It is engaged in PHC, diakonia, HIV counseling, treatment and Palliative Care at national and Diocesan levels. ELCT has a number of water projects as well as poverty alleviation and environment protection projects. The implementation of these projects have had a significant impact on development in the communities.


The first missionary societies in Tanganyika

The Berlin III Missionary Society, also known as the Evangelical Missionary Society for East Africa (EMS), was the first to send Lutheran missionaries from German who planted the seed that eventually formed the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. Their first missionary station was opened at Kigamboni in Dar es Salaam in 1887.

The second team, Berlin I, was also from Germany. They entered Tanganyika from South Africa and settled in the Southern Highlands and opened their first missionary station in 1891 at Ipagika or Pipagika (Wangemannshöhe) in the area that later became ELCT Konde Diocese.

In 1890 Berlin III change its role and became Bethel Mission and settle in Tanga where it established a mission station at Mbuyukenda. In 1910 the missionaries opened a mission station in Bukoba, Kagera Region while they were planning to go to Rwanda.

The third mission society that worked in Tanzania was Leipzig Mission Society, again from Germany. This society entered the country in 1893 and opened its first station at Kidia, Old Moshi in Kilimanjaro region.

This mission activity continued to bear fruit in spite of the interruptions of the Hehe/German War in 1891, the Majimaji war of 1905/6, the 1st World War 1914-1918 and later on the 2nd World War of 1939-1945.

Formation of the ELCT

By 1938, there were seven churches in Tanganyika, as the country was known at that time. In 1938, the churches formed a federation known as the Federation of Lutheran Churches in Tanganyika.

On June 19, 1963, the seven Churches, under the umbrella of a federation, merged to become synods and dioceses of a single Church, known as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanganyika. The following year, when the union with Zanzibar produced a change of the national name to Tanzania, the Church was renamed the Evangelical Lutheran church in Tanzania.

The Church has 22 Dioceses following the inauguration of two new dioceses in May 2013; the Dioceses are: 1) North Western Diocese 2) North Eastern Diocese 3) Pare Diocese 4) Northern Diocese 5) North Central Diocese 6) Karagwe Diocese 7) Central Diocese 8) Southern Diocese 9) Konde Diocese 10) South Central Diocese 11) Ulanga / Kilombero Diocese 12) Eastern and Coastal Diocese 13) Mbulu Diocese 14) Iringa Diocese 15) Dodoma Diocese 16) East of Lake Victoria Diocese 17) Diocese in Mara Region 18) Diocese of Meru 19) South Western Diocese 20) Morogoro Diocese 21) South East of Lake Victoria Diocese 22) South Eastern Diocese 23) Ruvuma Diocese and 24) Lake Tanganyika Diocese. For more information, click here.

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Press Releases

Rev. Rohho joins ELCT Head Office
Rev. Lazaro Marcel Rohho has joined the head office of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) to become the Deputy Secretary General (DSG) for Mission and Evangelism effective January this year.
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for details.

The ELCT is looking for ART Management Coordinator.
The staff will be located in Arusha and seconded to LEAD project of AIDS Relief Program.
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for details.

Mwaipopo Becomes Bishop of Lake Tanganyika Diocese
Bishop Ambele Anyigulile Mwaipopo was consecrated and installed on 21 September this year to lead the newly inaugurated Lake Tanganyika Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT).
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Dr. Shoo Becomes Bishop of Northern Diocese
The General Assembly of the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) has elected Rev Dr. Frederick Onael Shoo (55) to become the Bishop and Rev. Elingaya Augustine Saria (61) to be Assistant to the Bishop in the diocese.
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Retired Bishop Mukuta is no more
Retired Bishop Paulo R. Mukuta of Karagwe Diocese passed on 19 August 2014 at the KCMC hospital in Moshi where he was hospitalized suffering from stroke.
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Bishop Mwenda consecrated to lead Ruvuma Diocese
Bishop Amoni Joel Mwenda was consecrated on 28 July 2014 to lead the newly established Ruvuma Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT); bringing to 23 the number of Dioceses under ELCT.
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Massangwa becomes the new Bishop of North Central Diocese
The 23rd Assembly of the North Central Diocese held at Peace House Secondary School in Arusha has unanimously elected Rev. Solomon Jacob Massangwa to become the new Bishop replacing the late Bishop Dr Thomas Laiser who passed on February last year.
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ELCT Women and Youth Gather for Their Assemblies
Click here for a pictorial presentation of two gatherings that took place at the same time in different venues. The first event is the Women Assembly held at Kibaha District while the second is the Youth Assembly held at Olasiti Garden Resort in Arusha.

LWF expresses solidarity with Church and victim of explosion in Tanzania
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Mission outreach is the best solution to stop Albino killings - Bishop
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Best ELCT schools get recognition
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Bombing at Imani Lutheran Hostel in Mwanza leaves one injured
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Church releases latest statistics
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Death from preventable causes is a moral scandal
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