ELCT-Related Organisations

AACC - All Africa Conference of Churches

E-mail: aaccmaf.org

ACT - Action byChurches Together

E-mail: ACTact-intl.org
web: http://www.act-intl.org

CCT - Christian Council of Tanzania

E-mail: CCT-CTCmaf.org
E-mail: CCT-gsraha.com

CCT WAMA - CCT Clearing and Forwarding Section

E-mail: cctwamaraha.com

LMC  - Lutheran Mission Cooperation (Tanzania)
LMC is a joint instrument of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) and her partners to fulfill their visions, goals and priorities in accordance with their "mission calling."

Contact: LMC Secretary Kornelia Kilian
E-mail: lmc.secretarylmc.or.tz
Phone: +255 745 18 28 18
web: http://www.lmc.or.tz

LWF - Lutheran World Federation


MAF - Mission Aviation Fellowship

E-mail: MAF-Dodomamaf.org
web: http://www.maf.org

TCRS - Tanganyika Christian Refugee Service

E-mail: dartcrs.or.tz
web: http://www.tcrs.or.tz